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This is the wreath I bought on Etsy, my style is pretty clean and classic, I wanted something that wasn't busy but still embodied the feeling of Fall and I think this one is perfect!



I don't normally have potpourri in the house but I saw this one at Crate & Barrel a couple weeks ago and it didn't have that overbearing potpourri scent, just a nice subtle Fall harvest scent, not too much pumpkin spice.


It's Fall! (kind of)

It may officially be Fall but here in Lala Land its still in the mid to high 80's.  Fall is my FAVORITE season, I can't wait for the air to get crisp and the leaves to change (yes, it actually happens in LA too).  It may be the teacher in me, but, I'm super into decorating my home per the current season, I like to change out the wreath on our front door, add little accents here and there and change out candles and scents to help create that cozy Fall feeling.

Here I'm sharing my new Fall wreath I bought for our front door and a couple of my favorite items of Fall decor.