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Jess’ Favorite Thanksgiving Cooking Tools

Hi, My Name is Jessica & I LOVE Thanksgiving

I absolutely love Thanksgiving, it combines so many of my favorite things; cooking, entertaining, decorating, fall and of course The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which I’ve watched every Thanksgiving morning since I was a kid.  Growing up my grandma always made Thanksgiving dinner, I loved watching her in her zone; cooking, prepping, baking, all seemingly effortlessly whilst simultaneously hosting a beautiful event, perfectly procured table and all.  I was in awe of her, she was my own personal Martha Stewart, she took pride in entertaining and creating beautiful holidays of course complete with the best food!

Even now that I’m in the drivers seat, I still text and email my grandma around the holidays asking for her recipes, checking to see if I’m doing it all correctly and asking for her professional tips!  My yearly favorites to make are the pies, stuffing, sweet and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, breads and of course, turkey!

I’ll be sharing my Thanksgiving cooking on Instagram throughout the week, but, for now I’m sharing some of my favorite cooking and prep tools all available on Amazon!  Click on the items below to shop, they’re all available via Prime so you can get them in time for Thanksgiving!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used any of the items yourself or if you purchase them, how you like them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

This is what I use to peel all those potatoes!  Chef secret, use clean dish gloves while you’re peeling to prevent any accidental cuts!  I’ve used so many different veggie peelers but this one is the best!  I’ve decided I prefer a ‘Y’ shaped peeler for stability and definitely a plastic handle for comfort.  This one has also been touted by tons of professional chefs too and of course, it comes in cute colors! CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings (and more)

I discovered Joseph Joseph a couple years ago at Bristol Farms actually and they’ve blown up since then!  All of their stuff is super cute, BPA free, easy to clean and super functional too.  They’re rolling pin is cool because it comes with adjustable rings on the ends which you add and remove depending on how thick you need your dough to be, add bigger rings for thicker dough and smaller ones for thinner dough.  I also use their measuring cups and spoons, cutting boards and utensils as well. CLICK PHOTOS ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Joseph Joseph Roll Up Non-Slip Pastry Mat

Another amaze product from Joseph Joseph that I just recently found!  I used to always tape parchment paper to the counter to roll out pie dough and shape but its not always a smooth process!  This mat is awesome because it won’t slip, it has ring guides so you don’t have to guess how big you need to make your dough and it rolls up super compactly and has a neat little snap so it stays contained in your cabinet!  CLICK PHOTOS ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Cookware

We registered for the Calphalon Contemporary collection for our wedding last year, they offer many different sets to which you can always add extra pieces to which is what I did when closing out my registry, I added additional skillets, grills, pots and accessories.  I love this line because the lids are clear (which is what finally persuaded me away from the All Clad) they’re not super heavy, they’re teflon free and DISHWASHER SAFE!  I also purchased their Roasting Pan (pictured above) which came with its own baster and steel lifters as well!  CLICK PHOTOS ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Emile Henry Bakeware

Emile Henry of France is one of my favorite brands to use, all of their ceramic bakeware comes with a 10 year warranty, its dishwasher safe, which of course I love, and it will likely last me a lifetime.  All of their pieces come in beautiful colors and are pretty enough to use directly from oven to table too.  For Thanksgiving I use their 9×13 baking dishes for stuffing and the Sweet Potato Streusel I make, I also use their famous pie dishes as well. CLICK PHOTOS ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Le Creuset is another one of my kitchen faves, I have multiple pieces of theirs, but of course, they’re most famous for their Dutch Ovens.  Why do people go crazy for these cast iron pieces?  Aside from lasting a lifetime, these guys can go from oven, to table, to fridge to dishwasher.  They also come in gorgeous colors which you can mix and match or stick with your fave, mine is their signature cherry color.  I use my oval sized Dutch Oven for the mashed potatoes which I make the day before Thanksgiving, transfer from the mixing bowl to the Dutch Oven, keep in the fridge overnight then reheat the next day in the oven.  They’re super easy to transport too because they come with a lid, retain heat and are super durable. CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

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