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What Do You REALLY Need for a New Baby?

One of my many jobs after college was working at a baby store in Los Angeles, no, not a store that sells babies guys!  The store had a registry for expectant parents and part of my job would be to walk through the whole store with the parents-to-be and advise them on what they would need for baby’s first year.  The parents to be would be given an extensive list of gear they would need to register for which usually led to Mom + Dad to be becoming increasingly overwhelmed.  I would end up going through the list with them crossing out superfluous items and breaking it down into categories of; bare essentials, useful items and nice to have items.

I’m going to share with you my top five items for baby complete with my personal favorite brands/models.  All of these items I have personally used during my time as a Nanny + Newborn Care Specialist.

A Good Infant Car Seat


The Mico from Maxi Cosi has been around awhile; the model linked is the newest with update fabric.  The other update Maxi Cosi has included is an anti-rebound bar on their carseat base which helps absorb any rebound energy in the event of a collision.  The Mico is compatible with almost every stroller system on the market currently and my FAVORITE feature is the car seat alone weighs under 8lbs!  CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

A Good Stroller


My favorite since I used it for the first time in the early 2000’s and still is now… The Bugaboo Cameleon 3.  I’ve used it first hand and I used to sell a ton of them when I worked at the baby store and I can honestly say, it is the only stroller I sold that customers never had issues with, never needed replacements and were all in all happy with.  It will last you through however many kids you want to have, it can take a beating and still looks amazing doing it.  The Cameleon 3 is now available in beautiful high end fabrics  like the one featured below which are easy to remove and wash as well.  CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

A Bassinet


You don’t necessarily need a crib right away, in the beginning baby will be up every couple hours and it’s way easier if they’re right next to your bed, especially if you’re nursing.  I love this bassinet, its light as a feather and easy to move around the room or even to a different area of the house too, it’s not super cumbersome and won’t look super obnoxious in your bedroom, it has breathable mesh sides, is JPMA certified and comes from one of the most trusted brands in baby goods. CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE



There are tons of imitators but this is the original!  Aden + Anais make tons of products now (which I’m also a fan of) but this is where they started more than 10 years ago.  Their muslin swaddles are super soft (they actually get softer each time you wash them) they’re breathable, help baby regulate their temperature and this is the best part… you can use them for a million different things; car seat cover, stroller cover, burp cloth, spit up catcher, floor mat, I could go on and on.  Some of my other favorites of theirs are the Burpy Bibs, their sleep sacks, and their towels and washcloths. CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

Diaper Pail


I was registering a couple once who told me they wouldn’t be needing a diaper pail because they would just take the dirty diaper outside to the trash each change, it was so hard not to laugh!  As most moms know, especially in the beginning, there are TONS of diaper changes and the last thing you have time or energy for is taking dirty diapers outside every hour or so.  This has long been my fave diaper pail, its super easy, just step and drop, no twisting or touching anything!  Also, the refills are biodegradable and it won’t stand out in your nursery or home. You can order the refills on Subscribe & Save through Amazon so you’ll never run out too! CLICK PHOTO ABOVE TO PURCHASE

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